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Dr. Linda Lambert, Published 2019

Many know Dr. Lambert as the author of The Constructivist Leader, a neo-classic of the school leadership literature. In this monograph she speaks to the role of leaders in fostering deeper learning.  She writes “Deeper learning begins with lead learners, leaders as learners.”  The  monograph addresses such questions as:

  • Who is the leader?
  • How do leader learn?
  • How do they perceive and model learning?
  • How do leaders think about and design their own learning and learning for others?
  • Are they consciously explicit about their own learning to others?
  • And what are the implications for schooling?

She has interviewed exceptional leaders with whom the Santa Fe Center has worked with in Missouri, New Mexico and California and culled some striking similarities in their leadership behavior. The first half of the monograph examines these descriptors of leaders as learners

 The later half of the monograph  turns to the question, “How do we design experiences in school so that . exceptional learning is available to all”?

Throughout the monograph Dr. Lampert provides rich descriptions of how her interviewees lead and learn and in turn provide organizational cultures fostering  deep learning.



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