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When Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley took the reins of University City School District in 2016, she knew that she was in for a challenge.  The district had languished for years, and thestate score card in 2016 showed it barely hanging onto accreditation. Hardin-Bartley recognized a dramatic change was in order if… Read more

Linda Henke
Promising Start for New School Year October 28, 2018

We moved into the 2018-19 school year with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. Our work is expanding much faster than we anticipated, and we are so delighted with new and returning partners and their passionate commitment to transformation. Linda returned to School of Nations in Brasilia this summer… Read more

Linda Henke
Human-Centered Transformation with School of the Nations December 17, 2017

Human-Centered Transformation with School of the Nations in Brasilia Linda Henke, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Center, spent a week in July learning with the staff of School of Nations in Brasilia, an amazing international school growing from Baha’i beliefs. Our human-centered model is a natural fit for the… Read more

Linda Henke
Santa Fe Writing Project December 1, 2016

This summer the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership partnered with Santa Fe School District by offering a summer institute on the teaching of writing. Twenty teachers and two facilitators came together in a single meeting room that was transformed from a non-descript meeting room into a small community Read more

Lee Ann Lyons
students holding signs
Guatemala Literacy Program November 1, 2016

The Guatemala Literacy Program that Linda Henke developed two years ago is going strong. Our first year results demonstrate solid success. We pre and post tested all students using EGRA, an international literacy test, and were delighted that at the end of seven months, our first grade readers demonstrated third grade reading skills. Read more

Linda Henke
A New Transformative Partnership May 20, 2016

Members of Ferguson-Florissant Leadership Team, Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership, and the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership setting goals for the first year of the Transformation Project. Read more

Linda Henke
Protocols and Learning at La Scuola, Miami May 17, 2015

In April I spent my birthday with our colleagues at La Scuola in Miami. They gave me one the nicest presents I’ve ever received: a truly inspiring day of telling the stories of their work with their children this year. They are a remarkable team of educators. Read more

Ashley Caldwell
Developing a Vibrant Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Program in Caracas, Venezuela January 23, 2015

For a week in October, I joined the faculty of la Escuela de Campo Alegre, an amazing international school in Caracas, Venzuela. While there, I worked closely with the early childhood staff to help them develop their focus on the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education. The week-long institute was an intense interactive experience that resulted in a great deal of learning and, I believe, a wonderful new set of colleagues. Read more

Linda Henke
Transforming Learning with Technology September 23, 2014

There are small moments with big purpose in our work to transform education. Sometime you know when they are coming, but at times they come serendipitously. No matter how they come, they are the moments that allow us to push through the hard days of our work and bring learning to life. One of these moments happened recently in my work with Parkview Elementary School. Read more

Bob Dillon
Creating a Literacy Program for Students In Guatemala June 1, 2014

The project in Guatemala began two years ago when members of a not-for-profit group in St. Louis called The Global Learning Exchange contacted me about creating an after-school program that would support the work of the Minister of Education in Guatemala. Read more

Linda Henke