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Teaching the Way Students Learn Best

We have added a new report in our Resource section  from the Learning Policy Institute entitled Teaching the Way Students Learn Best.

This case study of Bronxdale High School in New York was written to illustrate what a successful school serving diverse learners looks like and does when its practices are consistent with knowledge rooted in the sciences of learning and development.

We invite you to review this to see what a school transforming itself looks like.

Join us at Cortex Innovation Hall, 4320 Forest Park Ave. in St. Louis on January 16 and 17th for TLI Convening 2020.  Meet educators transforming their schools through their work with the Transformational Leadership Initiative.  This year’s keynote speaker is Michael Fullan.


Zach joins the Center this month as Director of Santa Fe Programming after serving as an Adjunct Professor at the Santa Fe Community College and the Program Director for The MASTERS Program High School.  His immediate focus will be on working with two Santa Fe schools in a three-year transformation project .

Zach’s research, work, and presentations incorporate his deep interests in leadership training, transformative education, restorative practices, emotional intelligence, cooperative communication and the conscious creation of community. Zach is a certified emotional intelligence leadership coach/consultant and has traveled locally as well as internationally to help school leaders. Zach was invited to be a presenter at the Tri-Association of American Schools Annual International Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico and he has been a TEDx speaker. He is the co-founder and lead consultant for Re:Humanizing Education consultant group.

He has been working in education for 13 years as a teacher, program director, coach and presenter. Zach has worked with students of all ages and began his career as a middle school remedial literacy teacher in Santa Fe. He then moved on to high school where he created a global issues “peace studies” curriculum as well as a diverse array of independent project-based learning initiatives for students. After a short jaunt in Detroit Michigan working with inner-city youth around leadership and service learning, Zach returned to Santa Fe in 2010 to help start a school as the program director and “organizational development guy.” For the past 8 years, he has helped to create and run an innovative school-wide project-based service learning program, a mentorship program, a restorative justice program and a school-wide social emotional learning curriculum. For 7 years Zach has also taught Leadership and Community Development classes at the college level.

Zach holds a Master’s degree in Social Justice from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan, an Emotional Intelligence coaching certification from Six Seconds and has been trained in Mindfulness Education with Mindful Schools.



Six of our twenty-four monographs are now available for purchase. Published to help build your understanding of the Human-Centered Model,  the monographs offer theory, research, stories from the field, and practical support for schools seeking to move beyond the reform agenda.  Simply click on “Resources” on this home page and then go to “Monograph Library.”