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Welcome to the Center

July 2014 has been marked on our calendar for over a year now—the date we set to launch the Center. And here we are: the website is up, the LLC formed, and we are now officially a consulting company! While we have been busy designing our organization, we have also been working intensely in schools around the country. With our consultants, we are now partnering with schools in seven states and two countries—Venezuela and Guatemala. We are committed to transformative change in schools—to creating environments where adults and children are empowered to create, to question, to think deeply, and to explore broadly. We help build programs that celebrate the arts, the environment, and the human desire to learn. We believe by focusing on authentic work, high expectations, and appropriate scaffolding for all learners, we can increase test scores without reducing learning to workbook pages and test preparation. We believe that because we have done it!

We acknowledge this kind on education isn’t accomplished in a single workshop. Instead we form longer-term relationships with schools and leaders determined to rise above the frenzy of mandates and standardized testing. We help leaders envision new possibilities, invent new processes, focus on their learners and transform their schools.

We hope you will follow our progress here on this website. And even if we don’t have the opportunity to work together, we hope you will find our Internet home useful to you. We will feature transformative work we are doing around the country, offer our best thinking on new ideas arising in the educational arena, and propose resources to support you on your own transformative journey.

Welcome aboard!