At the heart of transformational leadership is a commitment to create schools that are healthy, dynamic places where every member learns and leads and makes a difference. Transformational leadership begins with the fundamental question “What shall we create together?” It builds on the power of collective will, collaborative culture, and continuous improvement to make the classroom, the community, and the world a better place.

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Human-Centered Transformation with School of the Nations December 17, 2017

Human-Centered Transformation with School of the Nations in Brasilia Linda Henke, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Center, spent a week in July learning with the staff of School of Nations in Brasilia, an amazing international school growing from Baha’i beliefs. Our human-centered model is a natural fit for the… Read more

Linda Henke

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This story is so remarkable that it would leave me skeptical if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I visit many schools, but rarely do I leave as inspired as I was after spending time with the Maplewood Richmond Heights district. To lift education in this country we need more than new mandates and assessments: we need models of what great schools can be.
—Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, Expeditionary Learning National Organization and author of Ethic of Excellence Read more

When I met Linda Henke in Clayton School District in the late 90’s, I immediately knew that I was in the company of an exceptional person. So when she told me that she was going to Maplewood Richmond Heights District just outside of St. Louis, I was thrilled.
—Linda Lambert, author of Building Leadership Capacity and Constructivist Leader, consultant, professor emeritus, California State University, East Bay Read more

The story of MRH is a great one–an urban school with all the attendant problems was transformed into an innovative environment where students and teachers were actively involved in learning and improving their community. Linda Henke and her team prove what courage and skillful leadership can accomplish.

—Peter Senge, professor MIT, author of The Fifth Discipline, founder of SOL ED Read more


Monograph Library Coming Soon December 14, 2017

Please watch for our Monograph Library to be open by the end of January. Six of our twenty-four monographs will be available for purchase, helping build your understanding of the Human-Centered Model. The monographs offer theory, research, stories from the field, and practical support for schools seeking to move beyond… Read more

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The State of Education and the State of New Mexico April 27, 2018

The following paper suggesting a way forward for education in New Mexico was written by Linda Henke, Director of the Santa Fe Center, and Alan Webber, recently elected mayor of Santa Fe.

Education is at least two things at the same time. It is one of the most critical determinants of how each of us does in life. Read more

Linda Henke